INSTANT Skin Moisture Analyzer 250g

  • Skin Moisture Analyzer 
  • Nano Facial Mist Spray 
  • Power bank


"Rechargeable and handy skin care device that you could bring everywhere and use it as a:

  • Skin Moisture Analyzer - Test your skin moisture and oil content to ensure that your skin is completely hydrated.
  • Nano Facial Mist Spray - Hydrate and moisturize your skin by putting water and/or milk on the tank at 40 mL capacity. You may also put an alcohol and use it as a disinfectant sprayer.
  • Power bank - 1800 mah battery capacity"

  • Water Tank
  • Indicator Light
  • Sliding Cover Skin Test Point
  • Nozzle
  • USB Charging Socket
  • Cellphone Charging Port


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